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just walk around and pick up trash? 


A Typical Event

  • Show up at that month's meeting place at the day and start time

  • Grabbers, bags, gloves will be distributed on a first come first serve basis to those that have completed the Volunteer Waiver

  • Explore the neighborhood and pick up trash

  • Return your full bags to the meeting location

  • Meet at the post-event social location



NOVA Cleanups organizes and hosts a monthly community cleanup somewhere in Northern Virginia. Most of our cleanup events last for a few hours and end with a social gathering.

set it up

We coordinate with the appropriate government entities, build partnerships with private businesses and engage other environmental groups to ensure our cleanups are as safe, effective, and fun as possible.


show up

NOVA Cleanups provides the necessary cleanup equipment on a first come first serve basis, although you're more than welcome to bring your own gloves, trash bags, and grabbers!



Community Cleanups

Every month, you'll find the NOVA Cleanups #CleanupCrew somewhere in the Northern Virginia area hosting a community cleanup. We come together to clean up our parks, neighborhoods, streets - you name it. We tackle trash and when we're done we leave things a lot better than when we found them.

Maximizing Impact

A single piece of trash takes almost no effort to pick up, but an entire street full of litter can seem overwhelming. With some coordination and the effort of the #CleanupCrew together we can beautify a whole neighborhood. Keeping the street free of litter is no longer such a daunting task.


The decentralized nature of our cleanups is intentional. We want our volunteers to explore their city and the surrounding areas. We want to inspire communities to not just make something clean, but keep it clean. Before you can truly care for something, you have to know it first. That's how we build community.

Helping the Environment

The single use nature of our society's consumption creates a lot of trash. No trash collection system is going to capture every piece, and these pollutants make their way into the ecosystems we coexist with. These cleanups are for the benefit of the entire community - not just the human residents.

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