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Why join the NOVA Cleanups #CleanupCrew?

Cleaning our communities is something that needs to be done

It keeps our cities safe and beautiful for all those who live in and visit Northern Virginia. Nobody likes seeing trash on the ground, and by working together we're able to make an impact and actually do something about it.

It's easy - just show up!

Once you have a bag and a grabber, there's not going to be anything stopping you from becoming a community-benefitting, trash-picking, caring and daring anti-litter MACHINE. It can be incredibly satisfying turning a trash strewn street into a litter free boulevard.

 It's fun and feels good!

While there's the obvious goal of removing litter from our streets, it is also the goal of the NOVA Cleanups to remind our volunteers of how much good they can put out into the world. To know that your effort matters. Your attention matters. Your actions matter, and together we can make a difference.

Join the #CleanupCrew

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